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Hiking, golfing, shopping or spending time in gardens as a balm for the soul — the western Palatinate region, the “Westpfalz,” is the perfect point of departure for all kinds of activities and experiences, and right at our doorstep you will also find Saarland, the French region of Lorraine, and the Pfälzer Wald forest. Come explore this beautiful area in the heart of Europe.


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golfing, horseback riding, cycling

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Discover the REGION

The southern Palatinate, Saarland, Alsace, Lorraine

Get moving

Step out of your everyday life and into nature — on foot, by bike, on horseback or on a golf course. Countless ways to spend your free time in and around Zweibrücken offer you endless new insights and perspectives into a landscape which is a delight for the eye, nourishment for the spirit and an opportunity for exercise and motion.

There are 22 attractive hiking paths that will show you the rich diversity of the countryside around the city of Zweibrücken: gentle hills, wooded valleys, airy heights and rocky ravines. The circular hiking trails are connected to each other to create a network of paths that covers a total of 170 kilometers, or you can walk along part of the St. James pilgrimage path that leads through Zweibrücken to Hornbach and on to the city of Metz in France.

If you’re in the mood for some Nordic walking, the Zweibrücken Nordic Fitness Park features four separate trails which total 24.3 kilometers.

All of these routes begin at the parking area above the Romantik Hotel Landschloss Fasanerie.

The Zweibrücken region is a cyclists’ paradise.

With 95 routes, it gives amateur cyclists and people who want to stay active during their vacation a wide and interesting selection to choose from. A total of 56 cycling routes, 24 mountain-bike paths, 9 racing paths and six other routes will lead you around the region and invite you to explore.

The best bike paths in and around Zweibrücken: more information

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice, an amateur or have a single-digit handicap: within 20 to 30 kilometers of the Romantik Hotel Landschloss Fasanerie, you have your choice of four fantastic courses, each set against a beautiful backdrop.

1. Golfclub Westpfalz
Hitscherhof (18 km)
With its remarkable location on the edge of the Sickinger Höhe, this 18-hole golf course makes playing a special experience.  Magnificent views of the lovely scenery, challenging fairways and beautiful, fast greens combine to create a sporting challenge for golfers of all levels.
More information
Golfclub Bitche
France (30 km)
The 80-hectare golf course in Bitche is one of the most beautiful in eastern France.  27 impressive holes await golfers on a course laid out like a park.  Built in 1988 on the sandstone of the Vosges Mountains near the historic citadel, the course is weatherproof and can be played practically all year round.
More information
Golfclub Websweilerhof
Homburg (Saar) (25 km)
Both beginners and advanced golfers can look forward to an athletic and sociable environment where they can enjoy playing at Websweiler Hof.  The varied and quite challenging golf course with par 72 gets its unique character from the way it was successfully integrated into its surroundings.
More information
Golfclub Katharinenhof

Rubenheim (27 km)

“Enjoy golf – no matter your age or handicap” is the motto of the Katharinenhof golf club in Rubenheim. The 18-hole course is located in the middle of the untouched nature of the Bliesgau biosphere reserve, and its settings make it a true highlight.
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Horse breeding and riding have a long tradition in Zweibrücken.  It is known as the city of roses and steeds for good reason.  There is even a registered horse breed called “Zweibrücker."  

At the Zweibrücken state breeding farm, you can not only learn to ride and vault:  horse races, jumping competitions and carriage driving tests also take place on the adjacent racing grounds.  Within the region, there are also other stud farms and Icelandic horse breeders as well as several farms with plenty of things to offer horses and riders alike.  In Zweibrücken, happiness is found on horseback — no matter whether it’s therapeutic riding, children's birthday parties at the pony farm, trail riding, foal markets, gala evenings with riding shows, or Icelandic horse festivals.


Forest bathing / Waldbaden

NEW in the Romantik Hotel Landschloss Fasanerie

Have you ever heard of the Japanese term shinrin yoku, which literally translates as “forest bathing”? Shinrin yoku is a wonderful way to slow down and relax.

And you can enjoy the positive aspects of forest bathing for yourself right away at Romantik Hotel Landschloss Fasanerie. Our hotel is surrounded by the Fasaneriewald forest which has a healing and restorative nature that radiates throughout the entire facility. Book our new package #Waldbaden and experience a deep dive into the forest for yourself.

Make a point of taking some time for yourself. Slow down and learn how you can cope with the stresses of everyday life effectively and on a long-term basis. Forest bathing (or, as the locals call it, “Waldbaden”) is a well-established form of stress relief and a way to find greater personal equilibrium.If you want to try it out yourself, just ask for it at our reception and they will arrange an appointment for a guided forest bath for you.

The practice of forest bathing originated in Japan. The term “shinrin yoku” means “taking in the atmosphere of the forest.” Since 2012, some universities in Japan have been studying the subdiscipline of forest medicine and examining the healing effects of the woods. Japan is known for having the world’s highest-pressure work culture and yet the most hard-working and happiest employees. Their contentment is not only due to their daily power naps at work; it is also linked to their regular “forest baths” and the sense of mental balance these experiences create.

Romantik Hotel Landschloss Fasanerie - Region & leisure

Mindfully experiencing the forest has been proven to lower the blood pressure, regulate the pulse and naturally decrease the release of stress hormones. As a result, you will be able be less susceptible to external stressors and can perform better in your everyday life. These positive effects manifest in your daily routine, making you more stress-resistant and calmer while lowering your overall stress levels.

Romantik Hotel Landschloss Fasanerie - Region & leisure

In addition to boosting your overall wellbeing and your stamina, forest bathing has demonstrable health benefits. Spending time in the forest can help your body produce more killer cells which help combat diseases such as cancer. Furthermore, regularly spending time in nature promotes the function of the immune system, reduces sleeping problems and enhances the senses.

Romantik Hotel Landschloss Fasanerie - Region & leisure

According to Dr. Qing Li, there are ten factors which are essential when it comes to a fully-balanced experience in the forest: walking slowly, astonishment, mindfulness, meditation, breathing, gentle motions, eye relaxation, solo time, opening up the senses and perception, and creative activities. That’s all you need. No equipment is necessary. There’s no easier way to practice self-care.

You can learn more about our guide Jutta Eich at www.juttaeich.de (German only).

Romantik Hotel Landschloss Fasanerie - Region & leisure

Experience culture

Once the official residence of dukes and a seat of government, today Zweibrücken is a lovable city that features more than ever before. Located in the southwestern corner of the Palatinate region, it offers both city life and relaxation. Surrounded by meadows, forests, valleys and villages, the city attracts visitors thanks to its cultural life, events and festivals, not to mention shopping for the latest trends at the Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet.

Discover the city of Zweibrücken with its culture and fascinating ways to explore art, nature, leisure activities and education.

Cultural sites

  • Bibliotheca Bipontina
  • Herzogschloss Zweibrücken
  • Mannlichhaus
  • Stadtmuseum
  • Herzogvorstadt
  • Himmelsbergstollen

More information: cultural sites

Leisure activities

Plenty of visitors enjoy mini golf, go-carts and the barefoot path, especially in the summer. But the winter is full of fun too -- Zweibrücken’s skating rink, the  World of Fun blacklight mini golf course and the large Camp4 indoor climbing hall are all right nearby and only a few minutes away.

More information: Leisure activities

Gardens are balm for the soul and an inspiration to everyone who loves nature. And there are several different gardens to choose from in the immediate vicinity of the Romantik Hotel Landschloss Fasanerie. Wild and romantic, strict and geometric, experimental or based on the teachings of medieval cloisters – each one of them is a place full of natural beauty and fascinating sights in every season.

Zweibrücken rose garden

Over 2,000 varieties and 60,000 roses from all around the world flourish here in a garden of more than 50,000 square meters.  The ambiance is a beautifully designed setting of trees, plants and both natural and manmade ponds.

More information
Wild rose garden
The wild rose garden is on the grounds of the Fasanerie ducal park opposite the Romantik Hotel Landschloss Fasanerie.  Here you can enjoy almost 2,000 species and varieties of wild, park and shrub roses which were collected and planted especially for this site.

Hornbach cloister garden
The monastery gardens of the Middle Ages are considered to be the predecessors of the Baroque garden.  At the former Benedictine monastery in Hornbach, the garden was re-created in keeping with the teachings of the famous botanist Hieronymus Bock.
More information
Karlslust on Karlsberg in Homburg
This garden dates back to the dukes of Zweibrücken.  Today it is a private park that is open to the public.  Enjoy a stroll through a designed landscape with swan ponds, ruins and exquisite old trees.
More information
Garden for peace in Bitche, France
The Garden for Peace, an idyll nestled at the foot of the citadel in the French town of Bitche, creates a bond between the citadel and the city.  This project is part of the "Gardens without Borders” program.
More information
Flower gardens in Bexbach
This well-kept park is located in the middle of the former industrial town of Bexbach along with the mining museum.
More information
Kaiserslautern Garden Show
Since the 2000 State Garden Show, this facility has been a point of attraction in the region.  The mixture of mountains and valleys gives the venue its special charm.  Every part of the area is easily accessible on foot.  The dinosaur park with a large children's playground is one of the loveliest of its kind.
More information
Along the Saarpfalz Baroque route
Visit four dynamic cities with a vibrant history: the former residences of the counts of Nassau-Saarbrücken, the dukes of Pfalz-Zweibrücken and the counts von der Leyen —  Zweibrücken, Blieskastel, Ottweiler and Saarbrücken.
More information
Japanese Garden of Kaiserslautern
At 13,500 m², Europe’s largest Japanese garden can be found in Kaiserslautern. An exotic garden paradise was created right near the heart of the city center.
More information
Gardens without borders
Gardens in Germany, France and Luxembourg, gardens that are traditional or future-forward, modest little spots or spacious park areas which reflect the spirit not only of their environment but the intention and passions of those who created them.
More information
Baroque garden in a Roman setting in Schwarzenacker
A magnificent garden complex at the Roman open-air museum.  Boxwood arabesques with decorative patterns and two equestrian statues form an unusual backdrop for a Roman village.
More information
Orangerie gardens of the Imperial Countess Maria von der Leyen in Blieskastel
The visual centerpiece of this small elegant baroque garden is a circular fountain.  Numerous herbaceous perennial and rose borders, climbing plants, and artfully shaped false acacias create Baroque floral splendor against a historic setting.
More information
Rhododendron park at the Lindenfels estate

In May and June, the Lindenfels estate is awash in a sea of rhododendron blossoms.  But the 10,000 square meter park has many charming views to offer throughout the rest of the year as well.

More information

The Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet is just a stone’s throw away from Romantik Hotel Landschloss Fasanerie. With its 130 premium brands, it is a real paradise for smart shoppers. There is something for everyone — from sporting goods by Nike, Adidas, Salewa and Puma to accessories by Esprit, Swarowski and Swatch all the way to major fashion labels such as Armani, Aigner, Abercromby & Fitch, Levis and Strellson.

Learn more: Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet

Inside tip: GENUSSWERK, which is right at the Central Plaza of the Zweibrücken Fashion Outlets, is the hot spot for people who want to do something good for themselves and others. In addition to its carefully curated gourmet selection of products like chutneys, fruit spreads, gourmet breads, vintage sardines, vinegars and oils, GENUSSWERK also offers its traditional expertise in wines, sparkling wines and champagnes. A portfolio of popular product ideas creates the finishing touch. The highlight is its exclusive partnership with the long-standing champagne manufacturer Louis Roederer. Visitors can experience the entire palette of Roederer wines including the Roederer Cristal 2008, which was awarded 100/100 points by Wine Spectator. But GENUSSWERK is more than just a place to shop: its staff looks forward to offering you little snacks and cool beverages. Take a break from shopping and treat yourself to something delicious at the Donna Mia restaurant, Grand Café or Gusto.

The events in the rose city of Zweibrücken are as colorful as the region itself. 

Nature lovers look forward to the well-known rose and garden market every year.  In summer, the Rose Garden hosts the Festival of 1000 Lights.

For those who like to celebrate, the town festival offers a wide-ranging schedule of events for the young and young at heart.   

Throughout the year, there are numerous theater and concert performances by renowned artists who like to make guest appearances in the city. 

More information: Events

Discover the region

Do you enjoy striking landscapes, places steeped in history, delicious food and warm hospitality?  Then come discover the Zweibrücken region.  We are within easy reach of the southern Palatinate region, the neighboring Saarland, and Alsace and Lorraine in France.

The southern Palatinate is full of excitement for you to experience:  everything from hiking and mountain biking to mystic boulders and castles all the way to family adventures.

Our highlights: the shoe museum, the rocky landscape of the Dahner Felsenland, castles and palaces, the Dynamikum science museum in Pirmasens as well as Germany's first treetop walk with the biosphere house in Fischbach.

Shoe museum

42kmMore Information

Dahner Felsenland

40kmMore Information

Castles and palaces

More Information
Dynamikum science
22kmMore Information
Biosphere house
54kmMore Information
Treetop walk
54kmMore Information

Saarland is not only known as Germany’s smallest federal state.  It is also home to fragrant forests, the Bliesgau biosphere reserve, the scenic river bend known as the Saarschleife, and a starry sky full of Michelin stars.

Experience the richness of history at places like the Völklingen Ironworks (a UNESCO world cultural heritage site), the sandstone caves of the Homburger Schlossberg or the Baroque old town of Blieskastel.

Saarschleife river

95 kmMore Information

Bliesgau biosphere reserve

15 kmMore Information

Schlossberg caves of Homburg

20 kmMore Information
Völklingen Ironworks (UNESCO world cultural heritage site)
55 kmMore Information
16 kmMore Information
45 kmMore Information

Alsace, a region rich in traditions and magnificent gastronomy in the heart of Europe, is a breathtaking destination. It is well known for its tarte flambées (thin-crust white “pizzas”) and delicious French white wines. But the area is also full of enchanting markets, charming villages full of half-timber houses and lovingly decorated with flowering plants, medieval castles and museums, and last but not least, it is home to Strasbourg with its famous cathedral.


175 kmMore Information

Cité de l'Automobile

215 kmMore Information

Musée Würth (late 19th century to contemporary art)

125 kmMore Information
Musée Lalique (glassmaking museum)
45 kmMore Information
Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg (medieval castle)
165 kmMore Information
Écomusée d‘Alsace (open-air history museum)
210 kmMore Information
Mont Sainte-Odile (mountain and abbey)
150 kmMore Information
100 kmMore Information
Strasbourg cathedral
100 kmMore Information

Exceptional natural settings, a rich historical cultural heritage and internationally renowned cuisine — experience Lorraine, an unspoiled and protected destination.

Visit the citadel in Bitche, a fortification designed in the 17th century by Sébastien le Prestre de Vauban, or the ligne Maginot aquatique, a WWII flooding system with different manmade waterways.

Bitche citadel

30 kmMore Information

Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche crystal museum

40 kmMore Information


35 kmMore Information

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